Brilliance + Disadvantage = Missed Opportunities

Meet our 2018-2019 Takeoff Space Scholars.

William & Jonathan go postering around MIT in advance of our
organizational meeting there. Photo Credit : Suvinay Subramanian

But with your help, we’re going to change this equation


This video was mostly shot at the launch party for Takeoff Space in Lowell Massachusetts. Apologies for the sounds of the party coming through: please put it down to enthusiasm! Many thanks to Seihak Rithy Muth for the Lowell video shooting.

Many high-capacity students from disadvantaged backgrounds never get a chance to go to elite colleges or universities. They have excellent grades. Superb test scores. But thatʼs not enough for high school kids who face barriers of poverty that force them to work after school to support their family rather than engage in extracurricular learning activities; who lack support networks because their high-school is enormous and their high performance an uncelebrated aberration; whose family lacks the college experience to give them advice; whose daily lives must pass through the disruptive familial or social environments that too often accompany poverty.

These kids not only have no idea how to play the college application game; their lives get in the way of doing so. We provide smart undergraduate mentors from top colleges who will befriend these teenagers and help them learn what’s possible for them, pick the right colleges, and write the best possible applications. They’ll be family: big brothers and big sisters to them, and they’ll have some fun as well as self-discovery in the process. With a little help, many of these brilliant students can go on to fulfill their own potential. Will you help them launch their college careers?