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We much appreciate the coverage received in the Dec 17 Lowell Sun “Mentors help Lowell scholars reach for the stars.

Takeoff Space launch party

We held a launch party for Takeoff Space on December 19 2015 in Lowell, Massachusetts during which we shot a video to tell you about why Takeoff Space is necessary to fill a mentoring gap. Many thanks to Seihak Rithy Muth for the video work. Many of the young people from Lowell you can see attending the party or in the video are of very high ability but stayed in Lowell to attend college for a variety of reasons, including lack of information on opportunities elsewhere or mentoring support from parents and others to guide them through the admissions process. They are committed to making things better for the next generation.

This video was mostly shot at the launch party for Takeoff Space in Lowell Massachusetts. Apologies for the sounds of the party coming through: please put it down to enthusiasm! Many thanks to Seihak Rithy Muth for the Lowell video shooting.