Deshay Buchoon

Deshay Buchoon, named Priya and Shiva Lakshmanan Takeoff Space Scholar in honor of our generous donor, is extremely passionate about both mechanical and electrical engineering, while wishing to dip in and explore all manner of liberal arts. He has distinguished himself at Lowell High School with his efforts in AP subjects as diverse as Latin Prose, Literature & Composition, Calculus and Statistics amongst others. This is all the more noteworthy as he has worked since a young age at his father’s body shop 30 hours a week after school and at weekends to help his family meet ends. He has also been responsible for a large part of the work of renovating his family’s house. 

Deshay is eager to help others and hopes to pursue a future in engineering, enlightened by a general education. His experience ever working with his hands has given him a close-up hands understanding of how things work and ignited his interests in improving design, and he would like to specifically work in the area of developing electric vehicles, from a social and economic as well as technical perspective. Mentor: Yana Lazarova-Weng.