Donovin Duong

Donovin Doung is our Sim Dy Takeoff Space Scholar in honor of one of our team members and also generous donors, Sim Dy, who has done so much to support our Takeoff Space operations and been a generally great inspiration.

Donny, the son of immigrant parents, is in his senior year at Lowell High School. He is deeply interested in biomedical sciences and especially pharmacological science, the field he wants to study in college to equip him for a research role in the field. He shows his brilliance in the STEM fields, especially chemistry and calculus, but wants to study a range of liberal arts subjects at college also.

Donny participates in National Honor Society, Mock Trial and the Outdoor Adventurers Club. Like many of the Takeoff Space scholars, he has endured a lack of adequate financing, tutoring, and test preparation. Nevertheless, his inquisitive spirit and fun-loving personality¬†have propelled him forward by leaps and bounds. As he has taken leadership in his school’s charter of the National Honor Society, maintained an impressive GPA in taking rigorous, college-level AP classes, and all the while kept his enthusiasm and love of learning fully engaged, he represents one of the core tenets of Takeoff Space: ensuring brilliant teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds can achieve inspiring success. Mentor: Jordan Barton.