Ganesh Devisetti

Vinayaka “Ganesh” Devisetti has been designated Professor Daniel Jackson Portrait of Resilience and Mary Campbell Nir Harvard Class of ’01-02 Memorial Takeoff Space Scholar to honor our generous donors Professor Daniel Jackson and Max Montel. Max asked that his recognition be given in the form of a memorial to his late friend Mary Campbell Nir.

Ganesh has seen the struggles of immigrant life first-hand. Moving from India to the United States at a young age, with his father remaining in India, his one-parent family has faced homelessness. Now more settled, he continues to experience elements of unrest in his life related to poverty and family insecurity.

Nevertheless, Ganesh has been a “Portrait of Resilience,” to use the term of MIT Computer Science Professor Daniel Jackson, author of Portraits of Resilience, a book of photos and commentaries on MIT students who have shown resilience over trauma. Ganesh has an impressively high SAT score, GPA, and level of involvement in his community.

He is interested primarily in computer science and linguistics, wanting to pursue studies that combine the two disciplines (computational linguistics).  He is an exceptionally strong student, participating in AP Calculus, European History and more. Beyond this, he is involved in his school’s robotics team and co-captains Math League, fitting his deeply inquisitive and computational mind perfectly. He also plays in the school band.

Ganesh represents some of the best of what Takeoff Space has to offer; despite his troubled background, he demonstrates his brilliance with enthusiasm, grit, and flying colors. Mentor: Jordan Barton.


Ganesh meets MIT Prof. Daniel Jackson.

Ganesh meets MIT Prof. Daniel