Lily Chhun

Lily Chhun, our Meenakshi Chakraverti Takeoff Space Scholar, so-designated to honor our generous long-term supporter with whom we see a resonance in their pasts and resilience, is passionate about creating original artwork and curating diverse pieces into cohesive exhibits. She hopes to pursue a major and future career in Museology. Her ultimate goal is to show others the strength in unity and the importance of finding similarities between ideas that may initially seem completely different. Lily is also extremely involved in her community, taking the lead in promoting environmental awareness. She is a part of T.R.E.E.S. (Teens Representing Environmental Excellence and Stewardship) where she organizes events that teach others about climate change and attends leadership conferences hosted by the National Audubon Society so she can expand her efforts beyond just her community. She also spends her free time playing the trombone and creating original artwork. 

Lily has grown up accustomed to the need to overcome many difficulties, including getting by on the limited income available to a one-parent family, traumatic events at home and family responsibilities looking after a sibling facing challenges. She has shown great resilience in her determination to succeed reflected in her sunny disposition as well as focus on success in school work. Mentor: Yana Lazarova-Weng.