Monaliza Pace

Monaliza Pace, named our Diane & David Brancazio Takeoff Space Scholar, in honor of our generous donors, is a senior at Lowell High School with huge aspirations to go to college and study science. Along with being a part of the Science League at her school, Mona is a notable artist and had her art displayed in two Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union sponsored exhibitions last year. She’s also active in her school community by volunteering in multiple activities and especially showing concern for the environment as part of her role in the the recycling club. 

Mona got a job at Kmart a month after she turned sixteen, working up to thirty hours a week. Mona lives in a three-bedroom house with seven other people and felt the need to earn as much money as possible to lessen the burden on her mother who was struggling financially.

Mona left her job recently in to focus on pursuing her academic interests, including challenging AP classes, and college applications, knowing that this shift in focus will make a bigger positive impact on her and her family’s life in the future than continuing at Kmart. Mentor: Sabrina Morales.