Moruph Osuolale

Moruph Osuolale, designated Nihad Nasim Takeoff Space Scholar in honor of our generous donor, has a huge passion for robotics. Moruph, completing senior year at Lowell High School, comes from a family of seven and is the son of immigrants from Lagos, Nigeria. He plans to study Computer Engineering in college so that he can continue building and developing robots as a career. 

Moruph strikes us as a caring and generous individual aware of the need to use technology to correct social inequalities. He hopes to increase access to robots around the world, particularly in developing nations so that more people are able to benefit from the new technology. 

Moruph has an incredible work ethic reflected in his numerous academic and extracurricular accomplishments – he is a straight A student and a major contributor on his local robotics team, helping lead them to the Robotics World Championship. Moruph is also learning game development through the programming language RBXLua. He is an avid fan of anime and is looking forward to further developing his already-impressive robotics skill set in college. Mentor: Preston Stewart.


MIT undergraduate Christien Williams encourages Moruph's interests in engineering.

MIT undergraduate Christien Williams encourages Moruph’s interests in engineering.