Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen is our Krista Earley Takeoff Space Scholar, so named in honor of his very great math teacher who has also helped get Takeoff Space underway.

Tony bristles with ambition and has taken on the challenge of AP courses from Calculus BC and Physics to Statistics and History. He is a self-taught demon programmer, a member of the Lowell High School Hack Club and has participated in two 24-hour Hackathons. He is also in Math League, the National Honor Society and has helped with tutoring other students. Tony, who has invented his own programming language and worked on a physics virtual engine to simulate concepts from physics, is known for his inventiveness by his high school peers interested in programming who like to collaborate with him. He is currently in Ms. Earley’s class for Calculus BS, having taught himself the content of Calculus AB last term with the help of visits to Ms. Earley but without formal participation in that class. He plans to major in Computer Science and Mathematics at college while also building his interests in liberal arts.

Tony’s parents are immigrants from Vietnam who have struggled with low-income occupations and speak very little English. This hasn’t stopped Tony’s drive to succeed and zest to take on a challenging program at college. Mentor: Preston Stewart.

Tony happy at the visit of his favorite math teacher

Tony happy at the visit of his favorite math teacher, Krista Earley.